As the manufacturers lower the Virtual Reality headsets price to be more consumer-friendly, visionary businesses take over the VR technology and create business advantage from this emerging trend.

Altho VR got its popularity from VR games, nowadays it’s far from being a niche product and its benefits have transferred into the wider business sphere. By 2020, the number of VR headsets sold is predicted to reach 82 million – a 1,507% increase from 2017 predicted total, so it’s the right time to jump into the board!

Here are 3 easy ways for you to create a difference in your business by using Virtual Reality;

1 – Step Up Your Marketing Game with Virtual Reality Experience

If your company manufactures and sells products,  then buckle up – because your whole world is about to change!
Virtual Reality invites you to promote products in an entirely new way. Virtual reality drives emotional engagement and connects people to your brand in ways that traditional product-based ads can’t!

VR showroom: Empower your customers to make faster purchasing decisions without needing to visit a physical and very expensive showroom! Demonstrate your products in a realistic VR showroom! You can give your clients an immersive product description even testing session and help them to experience your brand!

Pro tip: Works perfectly for Marketing events or roadshows!

2 – VR in HR: Hire, Train, Test Your Employee in Virtual Reality!

Virtual reality is going to have a major impact on every function in human resources, from recruitment to training!

Work Safety: VR provides a safe space for employees to practice their skills. With VR, employees can repeat training and critical situations as often as needed- also it’s risk-free, cost-effective!
Recruit with VR: A recent survey by LinkedIn found that among recruiters, an innovative and inspiring office environment is also a major point in attracting the best talent. Hence, giving potential candidates an immersive and engaging experience of the office through VR can be a good way to go!

3 – Virtual Reality + Gamification = The Perfect ”Engagement” Blend

The term ‘gamification’ was coined in 2003 and means designing game-like experience for typically non-gaming activities to engage and motivate users to achieve goals.

With a gamified VR solution, you can courage your potential clients to learn, engage, compete and get excited with their achievements!  Virtual Reality Gamification can make something as difficult as studying law or health more understandable and even exciting!

You can forget what you read, but your brain never forgets how you felt about this kind of immersive VR experience!

How Mekiwi can help?

We design and implement business-supporting Virtual Reality software and mobile application projects, entirely on the basis of customer needs. VR Games and gamification are also our specialty expertise!