QuietOn is a Finnish company that manufactures active noise canceling earplugs. QuietOn wanted to improve their website and integrate it with a web shop. All-inclusive digital agency Mekiwi provided them with a user-friendly site that has improved sales considerably.

Quieton had a goal to put more information and content on their webpage. They googled different providers and ran into Mekiwi.

”It was a perfect fit for our needs. We weren’t asking them to do the design, but rather if they could implement what we had in mind,” Janne Kyllönen, co-founder of QuietOn tells.

”I checked the websites made by Mekiwi and they were very impressive. The style was just what we had in mind,” Marketing Director Annie Tran continues.

User experience comes first

”The old site was all about putting the product first. Now it’s more about telling the story and educating people. The shopping experience needs to be super fluent, and now it’s integrated into the webpage, so it’s very easy for the customer. Bounce rate is now considerably lower and the web shop sales are three times the amount compared to the old site,” Kyllönen reveals.

”People stay on the site longer so we have a better chance to get more sales. The target we set with the new site was really achieved,” he continues.

Value for the money

QuietOn has a lot of global customers, so Mekiwi provided the site with localization options in English and German. There were some extra delays with the work, but this was also because QuietOn wanted to make modifications with the site.

”There were no additional costs to us, though. I would recommend Mekiwi to others as well. It’s a very flexible and supportive team with good quality deliveries and value for the money. I like how they are very committed to their work,” Tran says.

”They could have a bright future ahead of them. We got a new brand image that seems to be working well. Mekiwi delivered us a new webpage and a web shop, and we are making good sales because of them,” Kyllönen finishes.