What is service design and what requirements specification project consists of? We briefly summarise together what these two are all about. MeKiwi has also taken part in many service design and requirements specification projects, we can help your company develop a new product or service, or help refine an existing service.

What is service design?

The goal of service design is to create a smooth customer experience by enhancing the quality of a service or product. Service design can be, for example, a clear design of the website’s interface or an improvement in the user experience of a product, always with the user in mind. It is a good idea to start designing a service or product with the needs of the end user in mind. Customer understanding and communication between the service provider and the customer is the core of service design.
A well-designed service brings added value to the customer, leading to end-user satisfaction. A satisfied customer brings new users, which in turn increases the company’s growth.

Requirements specification

The requirements definition project begins with a joint workshop, which defines customer and service goals and identifies potential customers, as well as creating customer personalities. In the following steps, the customer’s service path is planned and the feasible features are prioritized. Next a prototype will be built and tested, followed by a precise definition of the requirements. After this careful planning, the product or service is ready for development.
The best digital services are created when service design, feature definition and technical design are intertwined into a unified whole, based on the end user.


Requirements specification project for Maalausteho Oy

MeKiwi created the service design, UI / UX design and features of the digital service concept, as well as the requirements specification of the technical plan for Maalausteho’s new business idea.

Jonne Riihimäki, CEO of Maalausteho Oy says about our cooperation: “I was really satisfied and things went as I expected. The team and experts on the graphic side as well as the technical requirements specification side were qualified and skilled. The result of the definition was what was expected ”. Read the reference and full customer feedback here.

Your company can also benefit from Business Finland’s innovation voucher, for example, for a concept project like this. A ready-made and comprehensive concept also makes it easier to apply for funding to build the final product or service. The application for the innovation voucher is open.

Do you have a new product or project idea or want to hear more about what we can offer? MeKiwi can help you with the concept and service design of your new product or service, contact Jonna and let’s go through your goals and ideas together.