With the current global situation, remote conferences have started to gain popularity around the world. This brings new challenges to company’s sales force.

For salespeople, participating in Online business conferences can feel tiring and maybe even overwhelming. Sometimes the quality of the streams may not be up to the task, making you feel unmotivated to even pay attention to it, and suddenly you find yourself browsing social media during work when you should be looking for new leads. Here are some tips that are given by our VR Account Manager Aatu Numminen to help you to be more efficient in this new format of b2b communication.


K Define your goals – Just like in real life conferences, you can’t do everything. Make it clear to you and your team what you are looking for at the conference and act accordingly.

Liidien metsästys – Useimmat etäkonferenssit käyttävät chattejä osana esityksiä tarjoten yrityksille mahdollisuuden käydä keskusteluja aiheesta. “Tällaiset keskustelut on helppo kääntää esimerkiksi LinkedInin puolelle, jolloin verkostoituminen tapahtuu luonnollisesti”.

Lead generation – Most of the online conferences have chat windows for audiences to use during keynotes. Pay close attention to them, since many companies are actively posting about their needs and services in those chats. “I have managed to direct many conversations to LinkedIn from those chats” Says Aatu.
The multiverse – Unlike traditional conferences, during the online era you can be in multiple places at once. This enables you to monitor multiple conversations during keynotes and use the time more efficiently. The key is to find the right balance between attention and engagement.

Endurance – Sitting in front of your monitor for an entire conference takes a toll on your body and mind. Remember to have frequent breaks during your day. According to Aatu “One good trick is to just zoom into the chats on your monitor and do exercises while you follow the conversations happening in front of you”.