No matter how you perceive your company, your brand is built on how your customers see it, therefore invest in providing the best possible service. There is no business without customers and keeping good relations with them is vital for every company. Word-of-mouth advertising should not be underestimated, it affects your brand in good and in bad.


1-Product knowledge inside and out

One essential point of delivering good service is the knowledge of the product. Think about someone trying to sell you something they know nothing about, that does not give a very good impression now, does it? Make sure your employees know the business, and what they are selling. Motivate employees to get to know the business and services more by arranging workshops or weekly meetings. After all, employees are the ones who represent your brand.

2-Step in the customer’s shoes

When you are presenting your products or services to the customer, they don’t want to hear what you do, they are interested in how they will benefit from your service. So, highlight what you really can offer for their business in the terms of value. When thinking about value, pricing the service right is one key point, also make sure that the product is what you describe it to be.
Try seeing things from the customer’s point of view, listen to them carefully and together try to find just the right solution for them. You want to keep your clients happy and make them also want to come back. Treat your clients kindly and don’t talk down to them, no matter how hard the situation is. Don’t forget, communication is the key!

3-Keeping up with the schedule

Before your team storms into a new project, make sure that project scheduling is done properly. Dividing tasks into smaller sprints gives everyone a better overview of what is going on and what is going to happen next. Deliver the project in time, you don’t want to make your client wait for too long. In case your company’s internal communication needs improvement, we already got you covered. Go check our post for tips on how to better your company’s internal communication.
Keep also communicating with your customers, be reachable and give updates how the project is progressing and provide them material along the way to get the feedback. Make the desired changes to meet the expectations, but bear in mind the budget, schedule and if the changes are possible overall. You are the expert of your field and the client doesn’t always know the best practices of how things are supposed to be done, and it is your job to provide the correct information needed to keep the project on track.

4- Believe in client questionnaires

After you finish a project, send a satisfaction survey to the client to get immediate feedback. This ensures that you are going to the right direction with your customer service and helps to improve your business. You can utilize the given feedback to promote your brand and services.


5- Interact your clients through social media

Last but not least, using social media effectively is a part of delivering good customer service. Publish content what targets your desired audience, what might answer their burning questions and get them motivated to contact you. Choose the right platforms for you and try to keep them active and be responsive in the comments.

The subjects on this post are only the tip of the iceberg but will help you create a more meaningful relationship with your customers.