Taklab -Tampereen asbesti- ja kuitulaboratorio Oy

Taklab – Tampereen asbesti- ja kuitulaboratorio Oy – is a Finnish family-owned company that performs a wide range of asbestos and contaminant analyzes in its laboratories, as well as microbiological housing health research in Tampere, Helsinki, and Jyväskylä.

MeKiwi renewed Taklab’s brand, visual look, website and built a completely new ordering system that works online and as a mobile application for Android and iOS.

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Heikki Knuutila


Taklab’s Production Manager Heikki Knuutila tells about our cooperation project:

“We set out to find a company who could bring our own pages into this millennium and that the same company would be able to make us an ordering system as well as a mobile application for the system. The cooperation with MeKiwi was always very friendly and positive! Both, the website and the ordering system, became good and the few small bugs that came up were fixed quickly. I recommend MeKiwi! ”

You can admire Taklab’s new clear look here: https://www.asbestilaboratorio.fi/

Contact Jonna from MeKiwi if your company’s digital services need an update and you want to automate, for example, existing ordering processes.