Sihteeriyhdistys ry

Sihteeriyhdistys – Sekreterarföreningen ry (Secretariat Association) is a national non – profit professional association working as a secretary and assistant. The association was founded in 1960 and currently has about 950 members all over Finland. The purpose of the association is to promote the interaction of secretaries and to raise professional qualifications and esteem.

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Sari Ollikainen

Sihteeriyhdistys ry

“The Secretariat Association’s website was last reviewed six years ago. The old pages were not fitting with the new ones and they started loosing the link due to the action of updaters. We constantly received feedback from outsiders that they could not easily find core information on the site. That’s why we decided to start reviewing the site so that it better serves visitors and evokes positive images of our operations. We wanted to start designing the pages from a completely clean table. Our goal was to clarify the core activities of the association and make joining a member as easy as possible.

We ended up putting out a LinkedIn survey of companies in the Oulu region, a few of whom were selected based on the recommendations. We visited these companies and based on the meetings we chose MeKiwin. We immediately felt that they spoke the same language and that they understood well our needs and the nature of the association.

The cooperation went smoothly throughout the project. They were nice to be active in our direction. The clear goal was to get the pages done within the agreed time. As the project progressed, we also decided to redesign our association’s logo and brand image in line with Mekiwi’s suggestions.

We welcome our new stylish look and clear website. They now communicate well with us and are freshly clear and logical. Especially from the users, we have received excellent feedback on the new look and feel of the site.”