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    It is of great importance to us that your business is successful. Our adamant team will do its utmost to assist you in this objective. We are located in the heart of Oulu – the Technology City

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Are you dreaming about the next “killer app” or do you have a gamified learning solution in mind? Or maybe you want to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

Partner with us and you’ll be steps ahead of your rivals. Digital transformation is in the core of everything we do. Our mission is to create digital solutions that are not only innovative and adequate – but most importantly deliver commercial success for your business. We deliver a personal and tailored services to each and every one of our clients, big or small, near or far.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Are you setting up a business or does your brand need a new fresh look & feel? Our talented and experienced Designers will take it to the next level, whether it’s creating a new logo or designing brand new website. We don’t just make pretty things. We create ideas and results that connect with your audience wherever they are.
Web and mobile applications

Web and mobile applications

We design and develop engaging digital products, including mobile apps and web applications. Our team of experts utilizes the latest technologies to provide users with seamless experience whilst using your application. We support businesses of all types – from start-ups looking to launch their first digital proposition, to large organizations with complex systems. Our specialty is to create digital learning solutions combined with inspiring gamified elements.


Have you been considering adopting VR or AR for your business? Good for you, since VR is now a serious tool for sales, marketing and training. Our team of highly skilled developers and creatives are ready to take on any challenges in the field of VR and AR, whether it’s a game or tool for training.
Websites and e-commerce

Websites and e-commerce

Our passion for good design shines through in every aspect of our work. Great design and development complete each other, which is why our Designers and Developers work side by side, creating excellent user experiences. All our developers use HTML5 and CSS3 and have an in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to ensure that all our sites are built with maximum visibility in mind.

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A strong grasp of digitalisation

  • Digitalisation enables the expansion of services into new markets.
  • To help reach target groups – more extensively and accurately.
  • Companies require a strong presence on social media channels.  A company may need to change its behavior.  For example: a clothing boutique immediately uploads pictures onto Instagram or Facebook when they receive a new collection, and then actively answers customers’ questions on social media.
  • The objective is that the doorbell will ring more often than before. Digital services can also provide a stimulus to traditional business operations.
  • Digital channels support traditional business models and, together, form a cost-effective way in which to increase revenue opportunities.
  • Assisted by specialists in the field, applications and electrical solutions can be easily integrated into one’s own business operations, so that they function in the desired manner and guide operations toward the set objectives.

“Olemme saaneet sivuista paljon kiitosta myös ulkopuolelta. Sivuston selkeyttä ja visuaalisen ilmeen rohkeutta kiitellään.”

Essi LehtovaaraEduTaTLue koko tarina

“People stay on the site longer so we have a better chance to get more sales. The target we set with the new site was really achieved.”

Janne KyllönenQuietOnLue koko tarina

“Koimme yhteistyön koko hankkeen ajan toimivaksi ja miellyttäväksi. Aikataulussa ja kustannuksissa pysyttiin sovitusti.”

Timo TaulajärviPuutarhaliittoLue koko tarina

“Olemme olleet erittäin tyytyväisiä palvelun laatuun ja saamiimme tuotteisiin. Kotisivujamme ovat kehuneet sekä muut alanne ammattilaiset, että oman alamme yrittäjät ja asiakkaat.”

Ritva HuuskoTerapeuttitaloLue koko tarina

“Tuki ja ylläpito on nopeaa ja vaivatonta. Olemme saaneet apua heti, kun olemme tarvinneet ja yhteydenottoihin on reagoitu nopeasti.”

Jaana PuhakkaTapiolan KeilahalliLue koko tarina

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