Digitalization has changed from a trendy buzzword into being a part of almost everyone’s day to day life with many industries relying on the advancements made in the field of computer science and engineering.

With this and the fact that most services in Finland and across the world have moved from streets to the online world, it is important that current youth have the opportunity to experiment and adapt to this ever-changing digital environment.

Yrityskylä answers those needs with their own socio-economic education platform that teaches sixth graders about navigating not just the work-life but also the free time opportunities digitalization has to offer with the latest service students can visit as “consumers” being the art experience “Controlled Chaos”.

Mekiwi had the opportunity to participate in a production of a virtual art experience designed for sixth graders visiting Yrityskylä centers spread across Finland. This art experience, named “Controlled Chaos” allows children (and adults alike) to create their own immersive art inside Virtual Reality.

The number one priority for Yrityskylä was to create an experience that did not require any past Virtual Reality experience before trying out the art experience because not all students have access to the latest technology at home.
With our expertise in traditional UX design and VR-game development, we were able to create an intuitive experience that ditched rules and instructions and relied solely on the natural curiosity of our young audience and their ability to adapt to new things in a short period of time.