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We design and execute daily memorable websites and web services. Our skilful graphic artists are sure to conjure up visually juicy looks. Your service will definitely stand out, whether your website is limited in content or a comprehensive web service with rich features.

We also involve coders in the project right from the design stage, to ensure technical readiness to the last design. Responsiveness is commonplace for us. Your pages will work on the screen of both the laptop and the smartphone.

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Websites, Online Stores, Booking Systems, Ticket Booking Systems, Blogs – With us, you can get all of this on top of everything done carefully.

For website implementations, we rely on the world’s most popular open source solution. As a rule, we use WordPress as our home page platform, which responds to many different needs. It allows for customized ecommerce solutions in addition to customizing large sites.

We also manage to integrate different systems into WordPress sites. WordPress is also a great solution that makes it easy for you to make small updates yourself to frequently changing content such as menus or current news.

The interface and the user experience belong together. The interface is like a handle on an ecommerce door. User experience of the user interface directly influences his or her willingness to use the service. The UI must also support the service provider brand. So, to achieve a first-class interface, the entire MeKiwi team’s expertise is put into play. The last word is said by the customer who tests the interface.

When you purchase a company website from us, you will receive a turnkey service. We will pre-install your site on the server, provide you with a suitable web address (known as a www address), and provide ongoing maintenance and updates for you. At our web hotel, the web pages remain stable and secure. This way, you do not have to spend your precious time with web pages, but we do just about everything – the updates and changes you want to make later will follow the same principle.

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