What makes a newsletter to perform better? When you think of the word newsletter what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Pop-up windows that ask to subscribe or email full of daily newsletters with the same headlines? Yes, it’s safe to say that not all people like newsletters, but they still exist, because there is a demand for those who can distinct themselves. Many fish in the sea, but you want to make sure that you get picked. That is why we wanted to dive a little deeper and find out what will make newsletters to perform better.


Use social media

Not only sending your newsletter to people via email, it should also be promoted utilizing your company’s social media channels. Remember to share the link to your newsletter and call-to-action to subscribe. Social media can also be used to get to know your audience better, it will help you to create more meaningful content for your readers and prompt the interest of those who are not yet familiar with your newsletter.

Uutiskirje ja sosiaalinen media

Better performing newsletters are simple and minimal

We bet that there are many interesting things happening in your company and you would just love to go and shout every single great news out to the public but think about the busy reader trying to find the time to go through all your topics that might not even be interesting enough for them. So clean and simple is the way to go, you don’t want to drown your readers too much.

Consistent but unique

When you order something, you would most likely like to know what the product is about. Same goes with newsletters, in most cases keeping the content consistent will attract the best audience just for you and also keep them interested in your content in the future, since they know what is coming, just add a little twist, meaning keep the content fun. Talking about interesting and fun, to make better performing newsletters, make sure that your main title varies in each newsletter. The more unique and eye catching the title is, the more likely your post will be clicked.

Ainutlaatuinen uutiskirje

Visual style of better performing newsletters

Apart from content itself, simple and clean style can also be applied to the visual side of the newsletter. Think about the contrast of the colors, the text should be easily seen and read. The images should be high-quality images that reflect the content, they shouldn’t be just random stock photos.

Uutiskirjeen visuaalinen tyyli

Summary for better performing newsletters is consistent, fun and readable content with a spice of engaging titles and high-quality relevant images. You can always use your imagination to try out different things and find what works best for your company.