Oulu based technology company MeKiwi has created a fully immersive Finnish Winter War VR-experience, known as “Operation Suentassu”. It was developed using Varjo XR-3 and HTC Vive Tracker in mixed reality where one can see and use the actual gun, a deactivated Suomi KP/-31, in their hands on top of the game scenario. With this experience one can relive history that makes them feel like they are physically there. The underlying technology can be applied to for example teaching a skill or creating another specific experience.

This kind of technology can be used for any kind of educational purposes, for example teaching CPR skills or working with specialised machinery. Basically we can simulate any physical object and create an immersive, interactive situation in virtual reality and extended reality. Any kind of museums, science centers, educational institutes and specialised workplaces in general would have applications for this technology.

“On the software side we already had the Talvisota experience, but we wanted to include more action – so we added tanks, artillery, airplanes and waves of incoming soldiers”, says Jaakko Asikainen, Development Lead of MeKiwi.

“It all started small. A new war museum was starting in Mikkeli and we were offering our services for a war VR experience. The intention was to create a realistic, short segment teaching about the horrors of war from the point of view of a single soldier. But why create a generic VR experience with the normal controllers when we could and should be using actual physical guns as controllers? So we took up the challenge and created a replica of the machine gun Maxim M/09-21 that was used in the Winter War, a variant from the famous Maxim machine gun. Operaatio Suentassu was a direct continuation of this Maxim project, but this time taken to perfection using an authentic, deactivated gun”, concludes Jaakko Asikainen.

About MeKiwi

MeKiwi is a full-stack digital agency from Northern Finland, founded in 2014. MeKiwi offers custom-tailored digital applications, marketing consultancy, AR / VR / XR solutions, and versatile services that cover all of your technology needs. “Our company is quite multi-cultural and versatile in skills which makes our creativity flow from very different angles, helping us to understand the client’s vision better and provide the best solution.”

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