First of all, unlike the general belief, implementing Virtual Reality does not have to be expensive nor complicated.

There were more than 7 million VR headsets were sold in 2019 while Sony being the leader with 2.2 million devices, Oculus came second with 1.7 million device shipments. While these numbers represent individuals and businesses together, more and more companies adopt Virtual Reality technology in their activities.

What can Virtual Reality do for your company?

Virtual Reality can save you time, increase efficiency, decrease human errors, provide better training and reduce risks- regardless of what business you are in. If you can do it in real life, you can do it in Virtual Reality. Plus, you can make mistakes in the VR environment and repeat as many times as you wish- until you achieve perfection.

Today, Virtual Reality solutions are efficiently used in training, simulation, customer service, human resources, and of course virtual travel. In this short post, we wanted to name a few usage areas of Virtual Reality solutions so you have an idea. In case you wonder if you can benefit from Virtual Reality in your own organisation, contact us and we’ll build you a custom solution, tailor-made for your specific needs.

  • Facility Management Companies: In facility management companies most of the staff work across different locations with a high employee turnover rate. This means it is challenging to train staff at one single location and new hires training is needed more often due to high turnover. Training staff in Virtual Reality on facility management tasks increases efficiency, reduces cost and saves time, regardless of the staff’s location.

  • Collaboration: There are a number of great solutions out there making collaboration in the virtual reality possible. In VR, you can attend seminars, make presentations and try out new products as if you are there. For multinational companies, VR collaboration tools removes the physical borders and provides one giant meeting room where participants can feel together while physically being away thousands of kilometres.
  • Aviation: Cabin crew training in virtual reality is efficient, less time-consuming and allows to make mistakes in training, giving trainees a chance to repeat the tasks as long as they want. Emergency training and cabin crew training can be performed in virtual reality.
  • Health and safety scenarios: Fire safety training, first-aid training (especially as a refresher course), emergency awareness training can all be accomplished in virtual reality, without having to remove all staff from production to training room.
  • Maintenance hangars: A hangar is an operational and dangerous place to work. Preparing the maintenance staff against risks can save lives. With VR, you can train your maintenance staff on the job. Anywhere, anytime.
  • Sales & Customer Service Training: VR can be used to training sales people and customer service staff at stores and help deal with difficult customer scenarios.
    HR & Recruitment: HR staff and hiring managers can be trained in VR to ask the correct questions. In virtual reality environment, hiring managers experience unconscious bias, gain empathy and better understanding.
  • Workplace equipment& tools training: In virtual reality, staff can be trained e.g how to use a forklift, control the forks or load the shelves using a crane. Staff can learn how to operate and perform safety checks on that equipment to ensure a safer work environment. They can perfect their skills without worrying about making mistakes.

The biggest advantages of using Virtual Reality are:

Virtual Reality has great benefits in training & safety where repetition is virtually endless and risks minimum.

  • Time: Do more in less time. Train your staff faster.
  • Money: Training in VR cuts down on costs. Spend your valuable cash on more productive areas.
  • Risks: Eliminate risks by training in virtual reality environment.

We, at MeKiwi, have helped tens of businesses implement virtual reality solutions in their operations for better training, minimised risks and increased mobility and we have one of the largest VR development teams in Finland.

Have a great sunny summer!