Finland’s exceptional results in education have made our educational system famous worldwide. Finland is a country where people believe in education. We could even say that Finland’s wellbeing is based on a good education.

What is it about Finland, what are we doing right?

Embracing digital learning solutions

One of the secrets for these great results is open mindedness towards new innovations. Finns are adopting new technology fearlessly, being it a hi-tec sports gadget, mobile network or new application. We have a very strong ICT sector and a booming game industry. Finns understand the true value and promise of digitalization. This has helped us to create cutting-edge digital learning solutions that make learning fun.

Teachers in Finland are given a great deal of responsibility and flexibility in how they teach. They are encouraged to think outside the box and use innovative teaching methods. Finnish schools are embracing new digital learning solutions. It is seen as a tool that supports learning and makes it more enjoyable. It is about remembering that learning is fun and kids have the right to enjoy their childhoods.

Global interest towards Finnish learning methods has been increasing rapidly. Now Finns are ready to share this know-how with the rest of the world. Especially digital learning solutions designed by Finnish companies have been successful across the world. Education export has been identified as one of the key export areas by the Finnish government.

Mekiwi developed a new learning application for Yrityskylä

MeKiwi has had the pleasure to be part of this exciting journey by creating educational digital games and software for our partner Yristyskylä. Yrityskylä is award winning Finnish learning concept, which has been recognised as the world’s best education innovation. They have created an inspiring and practical miniature societies where students can learn about working life and economy. Together with Yrityskylä we developed a new digital and interactive learning application for ninth-graders where students work in teams and learn about running a business together. We included gamified elements for the application to motivate students and make the learning process more engaging.

Learning games – the new bridge builder

We have also participated in EduDigi program, organized by Heureka science center together with educational institutions. The purpose of this scheme was to experience the learning process together with students and create ideas for educational solutions that will support learning. In the final seminar of EduDigi one of the keynote speakers, Lauri Järvilehto stated:

Learning itself is fun. Educational games can motivate and activate the learning process. I see learning games working as a bridge-builder between the students and teachers.

Instead of building walls, we should be building bridges, said Vicente Fox. It is easy to agree with those words.