Balancing work and life sounds simple, but still too many of us are struggling too often with stress that could be prevented if we just remember to take care of ourselves. Grab a coffee and go through these tips listed and get a boost to start balancing your work and life.

Get those good endorphins pumping!

We all feel stressed at some point in our lives, whether it is work related or not. Our bodies are not built for sitting, at least not for long periods of time. It is said that exercise is an effective stress reducer. So after workday, go outside, get some fresh air and exercise regularly to keep your mind clear and ready for future challenges.

Here at MeKiwi we have our own kiwisport-channel in which we set certain exercise goals and support each other to achieve these goals. You can also utilize gamified applications to motivate employees or yourself. Gamified apps bring fun to the exercise, that kind of apps are especially good for those who struggle to keep up with their exercise plan.

We love the power of gamification and using Virtual Reality technology in our daily life so we can suggest VR games like Beat Saberwhich can give you an efficient work-out experience and it is so much fun!

Keep on tracking

Balancing work and free time requires planning. When it feels like the work never stops and everything is all over the place, stop for a second and make a list of all the tasks that need to be done. Also prioritize and separate the most urgent tasks for every week. Also keep track of your free time and hold on to it. At MeKiwi we use Jira to help manage our work related tasks and projects. Another good tool to manage ongoing tasks is Trello, it is quite simple to use and anyone can get easily started.

Get offline!

This era of digitalization, and constantly beeping phones, that we are living in now almost forces us to be constantly online. Instead of being available all the time, after your work is done try switching off your phone and computer. Get offline for a moment and enjoy some me-time or immerse yourself in some good video game or try learning new skills that are not related to work to start finding the balance, and who knows, you might pick up a new hobby!

Adapting to new habits takes time, therefore it is good to start with small steps and not overdo it from the start. Hope these tips got you a bit more motivated to start working on your work-life balance!