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Mixed Reality (MR) is a combination of real and virtual worlds where physical objects and virtually created objects co-exist together.

Virtual Reality (VR) immerses users completely in a digital world using VR headsets while Augmented Reality (AR) places digital objects into the real world; Mixed Reality takes this one step beyond: lets users combine virtual and physical worlds in which users can interact with both worlds. In Mixed Reality, you can use a physical hammer and pound a nail in the virtual world.

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Mixed Reality in a nutshell

As the chipset maker Intel explains: Mixed Reality (MR) provides the ability to have one foot (or hand) in the real world, and the other in an imaginary place, breaking down basic concepts between real and imaginary, offering an experience that can change the way you game and work today.

Being able to interact with physical and digital objects at the same time provides excellent use case opportunities in businesses and education institutions. The automobile and education industry have already started benefiting from Mixed Reality technology in terms of skills training and engineering. Car manufacturers review their designs collaboratively in MR environments and discuss changes in real time, all users joining in from different locations around the world.

Medical students train for surgeries with digitally created scenarios overlaid on physical human models and interact with digital elements as they operate on digitally created organs, using real operating tools.

MeKiwi is able to create Mixed Reality (MR) software tailored for client needs, using state of the art MR hardware including the world’s most advanced MR headset Varjo XR-3 with eye & hand tracking capabilities.

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Operation Suentassu

About Operation Suentassu

Modifying the physical gun with microswitches, adding wiring and a frame for the Vive Tracker took about a week. Creating the experience in VR took 2-3 weeks, however we had the earlier Maxim machine gun demo as a base.

Unity3D was the obvious choice since it’s the one we use for all our game productions.

We used the high-end XR-3 model of Varjo HMDs, since we wanted to utilise high resolution for maximum immersion. Also we wanted to use Mixed Reality where you see the actual gun in your hands on top of the game scenario.

Obviously this is an important subject and part of our historical heritage, so we wanted to treat it with respect. Especially as the book and movie “Unknown Soldier” is fresh in people’s minds after the recent movie release. So no over the top violence and the aim is to have the player experience the horrors of war. But I have to say it really is exhilirating being transported to the real war with a real Suomi Konepistooli in your hands.

This kind of technology can be used for any kind of educational purposes, for example teaching CPR skills or working with specialised machinery. Basically we can simulate any physical object and create an immersive, interactable situation in Virtual Reality and Extended Reality. Any kind of museums, science centers, educational institutes and specialised workplaces in general would be applications for this tech.

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