A mind blowing VR adventure.

Cave Digger is a mining adventure game, which takes place in a small town of an alternative Western universe full of mystery, dark humor and full of experimental tools for the brave miners!

Gear up to explore the town and the depths of the mountain. Excavate bedrock with your hard swings, reap the rewards of Mother Earth and trade mined valuables for new gadgets.

Outside of the saloon, a town in ruin awaits its savior! Fix the train to enter the mines and dig deeper than any miner before you.

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  • Explore the elevator shaft and four massive train levels full of mysteries, riches and strange happenings. Some fishy higher power seems to engulf the Frontier!
  • Build up the way to the mines by gearing up and upgrading your vehicle. But beware, the adventure can end in eight different ways depending on the actions and choices taken.
  • Meet a companion to help to carry the weight on your shoulders.
  • Go on a treasure hunt for hidden magical loot.
  • Item upgrades – technology advances in unimaginable ways, making mining more profitable!
  • 28 achievements and more to come in free content updates.