We can help you to transform your old website / online shop according to your needs

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We can help you to transform your old website / online shop according to your needs

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Good to know about websites and online stores

We work with one of the most popular open-source content management systems. WordPress is one of them. It powers more than a third of all websites on the Internet and can be adapted to any needs. WordPress platform is continually evolving and has a robust community.

WordPress helps us to create an effective, reliable, and easy to maintain digital solution for your business, whether it is a website, online store, booking system, or blog.

The interface and the user experience belong together.

The interface is like a handle on an e-commerce door. The user experience of the user interfaces directly influences people’s desire to use the service.

The knowledge and experience of the designers and developers at MeKiwi will help you start your digital transformation. Our teams design and build products that span every aspect and every platform, satisfying consumer needs.

When you purchase a company website from us, you will receive a turnkey service.

We will pre-install your site on the server, provide you with a suitable domain and if needed, take care of overall maintenance and updates.

At our web hotel, the web pages remain stable and secure. This way, you do not have to spend your time on maintenance, but we do just about everything – the updates and future changes will follow the same principle.

A well-designed webshop guides the customer’s purchasing process. We offer you functioning and customer friendly webshop solutions, designed to grow your business. Webshops are created using the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress or React platform.

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