An educational and informative website on responsible tourism in the Sámi homeland area

The Sámi Parliament has implemented a Sámi tourism project with the main objective of providing information and guidance on responsible and ethically sustainable tourism in the Sámi homeland area. MeKiwi designed and developed an interactive and inspiring educational website, targeted not only at tourists but also at tour operators and tourism students. This tourist information website is a good example of a WordPress implementation built on the end-users’ terms.

Wordpress implementation and an educational game

The Wordpress-based implementation of the Responsible Traveller’s Guide was framed by very advanced content, as well as by Sunna Kitti’s detailed illustrations. We used them as much as possible for both visual and informational value.

The material to be produced for the site was extensive, requiring each area to be designed as a separate entity. By using multiple layers of illustrations to support the written content, we achieved a more balanced, and lighter package.

We built the glossary as an article-based entity. Maintenance of the section had to be taken into account, as it could be expanded in the future. In addition to the individual articles, words needed to be compiled alphabetically on the main page, and each word paired with an icon and colour to indicate to the user that the term was negative, positive, informative, or a combination of these.
The keyword explanation does not open in a new page, but in a small window at the top of the same page, to give the user a straightforward route back.
The quiz was implemented separately from Wordpress and seamlessly embedded into the site. It allows users to test their skills and learn from the feedback they receive.

UI design supporting illustrations

In addition to the information, the site features illustrations on the topic by local artist Sunna Kitti. The client wanted these illustrations to appear prominently on the site, and the site to look modern and leave a positive impression on the visitor.
The colour scheme chosen uses colours close to nature – blues, greens and browns. Straight lines arranged slightly diagonally were used to create a friendly and approachable style. The result was a fresh and light look that also made the illustrations by Sunna stand out more.

The dedicated visual design for this particular project harmonises the entire site into one comprehensive whole. Numerous briefings as the project progressed helped the team to envision the client’s vision and bring it to life with shapes, animations, sounds, videos and colours to maintain the required level of accessibility. The customers were satisfied with the end result.

Kirsi Suomi

Plánejeaddji / Co-ordinator
Vásttolaš sámeturismaprošeakta / Responsible Sámi Tourism project
Sámediggi / The Sámi Parliament

“MeKiwi’s work is absolutely brilliant. It has been amazing how the vision in my own head has actually been possible to put into practice and I must say that the end result has exceeded my hopes and expectations. This cooperation project has really shown why projects need to have funding set aside for various outsourcing services, especially in this area of digital expertise. You have some absolutely amazing magicians working there. It’s been amazing to see how all the craziest ideas have been implemented and in style!”