How to make learning more fun and effective? The answer is game-based teaching solutions!

How is your staff training going?

Are your customers motivated and committed to using digital services?

We can motivate users and educate staff or schoolchildren through new ways of teaching. Let’s design an e-learning solution together that allows you to train staff even remotely!

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What is “gamification”?

Through gaming, game mechanics are applied to learning or practice to make learning more fun, engaging, and rewarding. These game mechanics are e.g. tasks and challenges, visualizations of progress and rewarding.

According to a study by the company of Badgeville Inc, 78% of employees use game-related motivation at work and nearly 91% say these systems improve work experience by increasing commitment, awareness and productivity. Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer the right package for your company, with your customers in mind.

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