A new look for the Monidor app to improve the user experience.

Monidor is a Finnish health technology company whose Monidrop measuring device and IV Screen remote monitoring app improve patient safety during intravenous treatments. The smart infusion monitoring is easy to use and accurate, making the caregivers work easier. The company launched its first product, Monidrop, in February 2020, and international demand has driven the company to strong growth.

In 2021 MeKiwi helped Monidor develop a new look for the IV Screen remote monitoring app and improve the user experience. The project utilized the user experiences of the first version of the IV Screen application and approached the comments that had arisen from the use of the previous version through service design. The project revamped the IV Screen app with a clear and modern layout that reflects the company brand.
The starting point for the design was to make remote monitoring as clear and easy as possible for users. Therefore, a user study of the interface was carried out during the development. The new user interface employs, for example, dynamic and logarithmic elements for data visualization that facilitate quick assessments that improve patient safety.

As a result of the project, the IV Screen remote monitoring application is informative, clear and easy to use. The scalability of the application for tablets and phones was a focal point of the design, so that the user interface differs slightly between different operating devices and best serves the usability of the device in question.
As stated in a recently published study, a remote monitoring solution will help ease caregivers’ workload and reduce the consumption of disposable care materials. According to Monidor, this could let Finland save as much as 12 million euros.


Veli-Matti Puurunen

SW Lead, Monidor Oy

“MeKiwi helped Monidor with user interface design and implementation. The aim was to clarify and renew the user interface. It was very successful. Mekiwi offers expert service, working with them is straightforward and the work is of high quality. Although the work was done remotely, communication was easy.
We definitely recommend MeKiwi to other operators.”