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What software development includes

We design and execute software and digital/mobile applications based entirely on your needs.

Our services can vary from gamified learning solutions to b2b / b2c apps or softwares. We have all that you need.

Suurin motivaatiolähteemme on nätisti toimiva, helppokäyttöinen ja bugiton käyttöliittymä joka tekee sovelluksen käyttämisestä mieluista ja vaivatonta.

Ylläpidämme myös tarvittaessa verkkosivujasi, teemme optimoinnit ja huolehdimme päivityksistä ja huoltotoimenpiteistä – aivan niin kuin ne olisivat omiamme.

Ollaan yhteyksissä ja jutellaan teidän yrityksen tarpeista kasvaa ja tehdään palvelustanne entistä parempi versio itsestään!

UI (User Interface) is a visual representation of a user of a software or application that is continuously displayed while using the software. A clear UI is simple and intuitive, guiding its user when needed.

The first impression comes from the interface. The graphic designers are responsible for ensuring that UI is consistent, visual in appearance with your brand, and stands out from its competitors.

UX (User Experience) on the other hand refers to the user experience, that is, what kind of software or application is used. How it works, what features the application has, how easy it is to use in general, and how quickly the functionality you need can be found.

From the very beginning, we have designed both the user experience and the visual view so that the product is clear, easy to use and easy to adopt.

iOS, and Android are platforms for which we can develop mobile applications – that is, for virtually all existing smartphones. In US, Android is estimated to have 130.6 million active users in 2021, an immeasurably large potential market.

However, according to research, Apple’s iOS users, “only” some 500 million people, spend about 70% more on their purchases. There is thus a potential for both platforms. That’s why we’re working to develop applications platform-independent so that they can be used seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

We use React or Unity 3D for the development environment depending on the project. Both are multi platforms which means that we can develop both the web solution and mobile app at once. Unity 3D is used for more gamified apps.

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