The AI-powered software that helps you make the right choices for your company.

Playgain is the company behind LeaderMind and AIMO, the simulation training games for supervisors. AIMO is the world’s first AI-powered software that simulates the impact of leadership behaviour on company business while suggesting good practices to implement for better results.

MeKiwi has been Playgain´s technical partner from the beginning and has developed the LeaderMind software and now the new AIMO software. The new project started with a requirement analysis project to define the new software. Once the plan was solid, MeKiwi developed the AI-powered AIMO and also built a webshop to sell licences for it. MeKiwi also prepared marketing content to support the launch of the new product.

UI/UX design

As the AIMO prototype had been developed already previously, we now had a chance to fix some visual issues of the earlier versions. We made changes to the layout and flow of the software and designed a more coherent design system. The same look was also used in the webshop.
The graphics brief was open-ended. The customer put a lot of trust in our ability to redesign the look as we see fit. They wanted it to look fresh and easy to use.
Most changes are more iterative than inventive. We are proud of how the new drag-and-drop interfaces came around and the overall flow of the new app. Some of the features, which previously may have been hard to figure out for the end-user, are now more intuitive, and there’s also a system-wide wiki with tooltips to explain some complicated concepts.


Software development

For the software part, we developed two backend servers, the AIMO server, and the simulation server. The focus was on the system architecture itself, how different entities communicate and how the data flows in the system. It was an important issue that our team solved together.

On the frontend side, the focus was mainly on the AIMO simulation server, which we developed from start to finish. We also participated in the AIMO client development by building the “Management competence monitoring” section.
The customer wanted the AIMO simulation server to be built in a way that it would be possible to integrate it into the customer’s applications. Meaning that the simulation server can be used without other AIMO services.

Integrating AI computing to the simulation server required several days of examination before the start of the development process. After a comprehensive examination, the development process started smoothly.

We used Mobx instead of Redux in front-end state management, and it provided a good user experience.



IWe rebuilt the website on another theme to make it faster and more stable. To make it multilingual we used WPML as a translation tool. We created the webshop using woocommerce + woocommerce subscriptions + stripe as a payment gateway.


The main goal of the shop content is to clearly describe what AIMO does and who is the target customer.
We wanted to highlight the value and the benefits the software brings. The first step was to choose and pick the top selling points of the product and then divide them into benefits for the company and the employer.
We also developed a short 1-min video to introduce AIMO to be used in future marketing campaigns. We created it as an addition to the more in-depth tutorial with step-by-step instructions already included in the software.

Marko Kesti

CEO and Research, PlayGain

I have cooperated with Mekiwi for several years. We have developed the Leaderming simulation educational game for line-managers and now the AIMO digital leadership assistant tool (see It is a pleasure to work with competent and inspiring MeKiwi people.