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    It is of great importance to us that your business is successful. Our adamant team will do its utmost to assist you in this objective. We are located in the heart of Oulu – the Technology City

Mobile applications, web pages and comprehensive digital services

Have you considered that you are in need for mobile app or webpages? We assist you in all the required processes. We carry out both small and large projects with professional skills, whilst keeping the objectives of your business in mind. We provide high quality digital tools in order to reach your customers.

Only the sky is the limit when we design the best application for smartdevices that meets your needs. Digitalization already is an everyday norm in business. Its potential is definitely worth looking into and taking advantage of.

You can join us in a joint workshop online, where we will look for the solutions that best support your business.

Whether it is about increasing sales, attracting attention, facilitating business, or reducing personnel workload – electrical, mobile applications tailored to your needs, are a great solution. In the best case, one solution will be able to cover all of the aforementioned areas.

A vivid palette of expertise

A vivid palette of expertise

We select the most suitable factors for each project. Our team encompasses a diverse array of specialists, such as graphic artists, business specialists, application and game developers, and database professionals. From this group, we will compile an unbeatable team to construct webpages or an application for smartphones. Always based on your needs and desires.
No one left behind

No one left behind

We take care of our customers. In problematic situations, we react rapidly. We make sure that everything’s returned back to normal. We are always reachable whenever the need arises. You can always contact us, whether it concerns a simple question or a more widespread problem. Our friendly and personal customer service is combined with extensive IT and business know-how.
Visual design and technical prowess together

Visual design and technical prowess together

All of our projects go through a rigorous testing process, and as a result, we can guarantee user satisfaction. We will make sure that the design and development process runs smoothly throughout the entire project, without forgetting the finishing touches. Our designers agree - we provide you the best possible solutions and systems, whether you need webpages or a smartphone application.

A strong grasp of digitalisation

  • Digitalisation enables the expansion of services into new markets.
  • To help reach target groups – more extensively and accurately.
  • Companies require a strong presence on social media channels.  A company may need to change its behavior.  For example: a clothing boutique immediately uploads pictures onto Instagram or Facebook when they receive a new collection, and then actively answers customers’ questions on social media.
  • The objective is that the doorbell will ring more often than before. Digital services can also provide a stimulus to traditional business operations.
  • Digital channels support traditional business models and, together, form a cost-effective way in which to increase revenue opportunities.
  • Assisted by specialists in the field, applications and electrical solutions can be easily integrated into one’s own business operations, so that they function in the desired manner and guide operations toward the set objectives.

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