Digital cognitive ergonomics cards for the brain well-being

A digital deck of cognitive ergonomics cards has been produced in the Work on Brain Power project. With the help of the cards, the entrepreneur promotes the well-being of the brain and shapes the ways of working, the work environment and the company work culture to be brain-friendly. With the tasks of the deck of cards, one can briefly disconnect from work and reflect alone or together with an entrepreneur colleague on the well-being of the brain.

MeKiwi developed the deck of cards into a digital gamified solution. This is a great example of how gamification can support the activities of organizations and associations.

WordPress implementation from gamifield cards

We developed a Wordpress-based digital gamified version of an existing physical deck of cards that had been created in a previous project, and we modified it to support cognitive ergonomics and a brain-healthy work culture, especially for entrepreneurs.

Gamified elements have been used to make the promotion of one’s own well-being encouraging and rewarding. The user can take advantage of the deck of cards in many different ways; choose a theme, choose a conversation card or task card, or play cards from all themes in a single deck.

User Interface Design

When designing the user interface, we utilized the functionalities of WordPress. The basic functions of the card deck, such as single card presentation, filtering and updating, were implemented using existing mechanics. This gave us time to focus on the customer experience design, usability, layout and gamified features of the user experience.

MeKiwi’s graphic designer created the visual look of the deck of cards based on the previous physical deck of cards, and the user interface designer formulated the views on the screen. As a result, we received a digital version that respects the original deck of cards. Its gamification makes it possible to monitor the progress of the game in a versatile way and reward the progress.

Photo: Niko Mannonen

Lea Jokela

Project Manager
Työstä aivovoimaa -project
Keski-Suomen Muistiyhdistys

“The deck of cards is a way to market our themes, i.e. brain health and cognitive ergonomics. It’s great to have such a multiprofessional team to do our service.

The collaboration was relaxed. They understood our operating environment and that we were a small association that was facing something like this for the first time. We were very well received and things were discussed in an understandable way. Yes, we can recommend MeKiwi to other organizations as well.”