MeKiwi participated in the Japan Sapporo xR Exhibition 2022. Our expert Merih Arikkök provided a quick overview of MeKiwi’s skills and services, showcasing previous customer cases and references.
As extended and immersive reality solutions can be successfully employed in many different areas, the examples provided in Merih’s presentation covered a wide range of sectors.

Learning solutions and training simulations

As an educational prototype we developed Histology XR, an innovative healthcare learning experience in XR for medical staff, students and lecturers.
With this tool, users can study microscopic images & samples in an immersive virtual environment, with the freedom to zoom in, seamlessly switch between samples, collaborate with others and teach peers.
It uses “true eye view” technology, eye tracking and hand tracking, features of the world’s most advanced Mixed Reality headset, Varjo XR-3.

Another example provided of a learning solution in XR was the security personnel training simulation created for the OSAO vocational school. Since students couldn’t attend school in person during the pandemic, MeKiwi helped overcome this challenge by bringing practical training into the students’ homes through virtual reality.

Entertainment, education and tourism

The other showcased projects could all bring added value to entertainment, education and tourism areas.
This is the case for Operaatio Suentassu, a fully immersive Finnish Winter War Mixed Reality experience. It was developed using Varjo XR-3 and HTC Vive Tracker in MR where the user can handle the actual gun, a deactivated Suomi KP/-31, and see it and use it as a controller in game.

We also worked on an immersive boating simulation that was created for the Finnish company XR Marine. We 3D modeled an original motor boat based on the company designs and included it in an immersive XR experience.

The last example for XR uses in tourism was the AR experience for the city of Muurame, Finland, where by visiting the local church in AR the users can watch the kids’ choir sing. Also links to the city’s virtual museum and services were included in the application.

More than meets the eye

Using any type of extended reality solely for gaming purposes would be limiting to the actual capabilities of the technology.
It is no surprise that learning by doing helps retain information more than a frontal, passive, type of lesson, and “living” in an historical event is more impactful than reading about it.
Wanna be inspired by some of our previous works? You can find them here. If you want to bring your project to the next level with XR contact our Customer Success Manager Jonna or our XR Expert Merih.