An AR application that allows you to explore the Oulujoki area

MeKiwi, the teachers and students of the Oulujoki school developed an AR application in a cooperative development project with the City of Oulu, that allows you to explore and carry out tasks in the Oulujoki area. The project supported students’ STEAM learning, a pedagogy that uses science, technology and art as tools to teach students self-management, interpersonal skills and critical thinking. The aim is to develop resilient, responsible, cooperative and courageous problem solvers.

The collaborative planning and testing days were fruitful for both the students and MeKiwi. At the beginning of the project, the scale of the augmented reality application and the principles of the game were planned together, and the content of the application was designed and implemented by the students and teachers of the school. MeKiwi built an AR application to support the content, which was implemented using a web application that users do not need to download separately on their phones. This makes it easier for other groups of students to use this educational tool.

You can access the Oulujoki Tour planning app via the STEAM in Oulu website here. We wish everyone a great cycling day! The app has been in active use at the Oulujoki school as different groups of students have been cycling the route.

And you can read more about the co-development in the Mun Oulu online media story.

To the Mun Oulu article

Pasi Moilanen

Principal, Oulujoki school

“The school partnered with the digital company MeKiwi. It was very easy and natural for us to start the joint development with them. It was clear from the start that the project would be very student-centered. Our students are used to being involved in their own learning and the Oulujoki Tour project with MeKiwi supported that and provided a great framework for creativity in designing tasks for students of all ages. The project also supports students’ STEAM learning””

Päivi Käyhkö

Class teacher, Oulujoki school

“The project was exciting and creative. The pupils were active in gaining knowledge and they were also brave in using their own skills and knowledge in the design and implementation of the project content. Working in a group is also an effective way to learn new things and to share their knowledge with others, which was evident in the different phases of the project.The project also served as an overall exercise in the use of general competences.

Through the cooperation project, students had the opportunity to explore and learn how an application is created and how augmented reality is used. The creation of the app would not have been possible without the help of MeKiwi. This made the project a unique experience for both students and teachers. I highly recommend this type of collaboration.”