A prototype for the B.UP wellness and self development application

We were pleased to have an opportunity to develop a prototype of the B.UP wellness application, for which our customer also received support from Business Finland’s innovation voucher. The overall project created the general look of the B.UP application and one expedition leading to self-development with reflection tasks.
B.UP Oy is a personal and personnel coaching company that was founded in 2020.
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Katja Koskimies, CEO of BupUP Oy, tells the following about the B.UP application and our collaboration.


Katja Koskimies


“We started implementing the idea with Katja Vainikainen to build something new for the coaching industry. We wanted to combine fiction and fact to create an environment for people where self-development takes place safely away from everyday life, but the work is based on researched behavioral science knowledge. With an expert team, it is easy to develop something new.

MeKiwi’s expertise in application development and graphic design is top notch. In the future, we will use the application to support personal and group training, in addition to being downloadable from each APP application store for self-development.”