Tiernapojat AR experience in Oulu Rotuaari

MeKiwi created, in collaboration with the city of Oulu and Oulu Chamber of Commerce, a Tiernapojat-themed augmented reality (AR) experience in the centre of Oulu. The Christmas window was showcased from December 3, 2021 to January 6, 2022 in front of the Oulu10 office at Saaristonkatu 8.
With this cooperation, we wanted to bring a new dimension of augmented reality to the Oulu Tiernapojat season, where users could get to see and hear the performance of the traditional characters. The project involved graphic design for the physical Christmas window taping as well as graphic design, 3D modelling and AR development for the AR app. Also, the project featured an advertisement on the large screen on the Rotuaari promenade in Oulu.
The personnel of the City of Oulu and the Chamber of Commerce involved in the project gave positive feedback on the cooperation.

Oulu chamber of commerce article

Riina Aikio

Event and Marketing Manager, City of Oulu

“The AR Christmas window brought the desired innovative display of the Tiernapojat celebrations. The cooperation with MeKiwi Oy went smoothly and as planned. The collaboration involved a professional team that can be warmly recommended!”

Marja Nousiainen

Talent Hub Coordinator, Oulu Chamber of Commerce

“I really enjoyed working with the people at MeKiwi. Everything is so uncomplicated, friendly and well taken care of. Among other things, I have been able to test the Suentassu winter war game. It was a truly impressive experience. As a Christmas person, I was excited about the opportunity to be involved in this modernization of the Tiernapojat in the Christmas window in Oulu. I especially liked the taping of the window and the app that allowed the Easter kings of the traditional story to sing on the screen of my phone. We hope to see a sequel next Christmas.”