The Business Finland innovation voucher offers a quick way to test the sustainability of your innovation and study its market.

The innovation voucher is intended for the acquisition of expert services related to innovation activities. The maximum grant is 5,000 euros + VAT. with a 1000 euro + VAT self-financing contribution. A small aid is also provided by the payment procedure of the innovation voucher, in which the service provider invoices Business Finland directly.

Buy expertise with the innovation voucher

Business Finland’s website states that the innovation voucher is intended for established SMEs that have a new product or service idea with international growth potential.

How does the innovation voucher help to develop an idea? In digital services, for example, service design or user interface demos are such limited entities that are suitable for funding with the innovation voucher. The innovation voucher can also be used to finance the development of a product and service strategy.

You should choose a service provider that complements your company’s expertise. This is how you get the most out of your innovation voucher.

MeKiwi has participated in many innovation voucher -projects

B.UP Oy is a personnel coaching company, which was founded in 2020. We have had the pleasure of creating a prototype of the B.UP wellness application, in which they received support from Business Finland’s innovation voucher. In the project, we created the general look of the B.UP application and one research trip leading to self-development with reflection tasks. Read the full customer experience here.

MeKiwi is a service provider approved by Business Finland. We help our customers plan development projects according to each need and guide them in applying for BF innovation voucher financing. Contact Jonna and we will plan your innovation project!