Property Management Game

Granlund is a strongly growing group that specialises in the real estate and construction sectors, with more than 1000 professionals operating in 27 locations in Finland. Granlund’s goal is to make properties more functional and smarter, and at the same time improving the well-being of the people in the built environment. Granlund has implemented the Granlund Manager software as a tool for property management.

MeKiwi implemented a property management game for Granlund at the Dubai Expo 2020 in the Finland pavilion. The expo will take place from the 1/10/21 to the 31/03/22, with 25 million visitors expected. The game is a light interactive experience of the role of a property manager, where you need to master a wide range of skills that affect the well-being of the property and the visitors, while keeping in mind the environmental impact. For the project the game was designed so that the player can make decisions about the property management and see the effects of these. As such, the game works, in a way, as a gamified advertisement of modern property management that is based on data and its use in practical applications. The visual aspect was designed to suit the expo space in accordance with the instructions of the Finland pavilion. At the start of the project, MeKiwi developed a game plan and, based on it, several different options for the visual look for the customer to choose from. The final game was implemented on the Unity game engine in a finished product for the Dubai Expo.

Minna Huuhka

Communications and Marketing Manager, Granlund

“Thank you, you are great! The customer service was really good, but at one point in the project more guidance would have been desired, so that you would have led the development of the game even more strongly with your expertise. The cooperation went well and we got well-agreed schedules together, and you were very flexible when at the end we had the final push. We are really satisfied with the outcome and the visuals of the game. We also recommend MeKiwi to other companies.”