A new website, logo, and brand design

Marysol Matkat is a Finnish travel agency in Torrevieja, Spain. The company specializes in organizing various active trips and travel experiences to do in Spain. Their offers include, for example, the routes of Parador and of the Camino de Santiago, fan trips to La Liga matches, and local day trips. Through Marysol Matkat, you can also reach other parts of the world with various ready-made or customized packages, but the focus of the new website is on Spain.
In this project we included a brand design, a logo, and website on the Wordpress platform for the new company.


Sami Sanchez

CEO, Marysol Viajes

“The cooperation started when I contacted MeKiwi through their website, with the subject that an ex-Oulu resident wants a new Finnish-language website for Spain. Through the website, I wanted to gain more visibility, informativeness and credibility for our newly established company, and that was what we got. The people of Oulu never disappoint. 1-2. The schedule for the first two phases (first was branding and second was site implementation) took about two months and was defined in a couple of virtual meetings and training. In the project there was stuff to do for me as well regarding pictures and texts, and the translation work in English and Spanish is still in progress. For the following third and fourth steps the aim is to expand the range of services offered and to allow customers to book and pay directly from the website.

I warmly recommend this Oulu company. Things happened as agreed and all the different ideas that came up during the process were taken into consideration. I am really satisfied with the cooperation with MeKiwi and the visual look and technical functionality of our website marysol.fi. We got exactly what we needed. Also external feedback has been very positive.”