LeaDo software to support teachers in implementing teaching

LeaDo is a learning ecosystem with positive pedagogy and physical and digital learning as a tool. LeaDo is used in several kindergartens and primary schools in Finland.

MeKiwi implemented LeaDo software, the first comprehensive scalable solution based on the New Curriculum to support teachers. The solution implemented as a web application is at the same time a teachers’ own small publishing house and versatile special support for students. The app makes it easier for teachers to take control and clarify the curriculum and provides support for a wide variety of learning processes. The LeaDo ERP (enterprise resource planning) system helps teachers to clarify and diversify their own pedagogy in a systematic, controlled and moderate way, thus reducing the feeling of hurry. The app also offers extensive professional peer support and content production assistance without geographical restrictions.

The digital, easily customizable teaching material bank offers durable material that brings significant savings in learning material costs and shows a new direction in sustainable development in learning material procurement.


Lea Tornberg

CEO, Coulu Systems Oy

“From the very beginning, I have experienced and our entire team has given feedback that working with MeKiwi is really inspiring and effortless and takes our own expertise forward. It has been an amazing experience to be on the same team. The development of the LeaDo application has been easy, relaxed and confident to work with when we stuck to the advance plan and the communication has been open.

I definitely recommend MeKiwi’s services to others, and I have already recommended them.”