Random Walk VR experience

MeKiwi has developed a VR experience for the Tietomaa museum that illustrates the Random Walk phenomenon in a 3D space. The Random Walk phenomenon is shown as a line drawn in a 3D coordinate system, which will turn according to the results collected from a dice system developed by Tietomaa. RFID tags are added to the sides of the dice, which are then read each time the dice is dropped. The value read is then transferred to the Random Walk coordinate system using a computer program. The progress of the Random Walk can be followed with VR glasses in a 3D environment. It is also possible to view the Random Walk coordinate system in front of you using a joystick, by rotating the coordinate system and zooming in on it.

In addition to the single-player experience, the Random Walk coordinate system can be seen by bystanders on a screen next to the VR user. In addition to the VR player view, viewers will be able to follow the progress of the Random Walk on a screen with coordinates updating in real time.

To improve the representation of the random walk, the three previous coordinates will also be shown next to the current coordinate system, each with its own unique path.

Tietomaa Science Centre

Aleksi Mella

Exhibition Technician, Tietomaa

“It has been really straightforward and nice to work on the project with you. MeKiwi’s enthusiastic ideas for improving the software were an important part of the success. The brainstorming sessions together were good and pleasant meetings – and an important part of the project. We will certainly be back with more ideas. Thanks!”