The Holomonsters hologram game for Oxxu Oy

MeKiwi developed the technical side of the Holomonsters iOS and Android mobile games for Oxxu Oy, including the implementation of game mechanics to gamify QR and barcodes. We also realised the Holomonsters website and online store. In the Holomonsters game, the player’s goal is to find all the Holomonsters that appear as holograms by reading QR codes and barcodes in their own collection. The Holomonsters appear as a hologram illusion on a cone placed on the phone screen. Oxxu Oy was responsible for the graphic design and animation of the game characters.

Oskari Autti

Oxxu Oy

“Oxxu Oy is an Oulu-based start-up company behind the Holomonsters game and toy brand.

The first version of the Holomonsters hologram game was developedin collaboration with MeKiwi and has worked well throughout the project. Mekiwi was eager to participate in the realisation of a completely
new kind of game using hologram illusions, and helped in the design phase.

Compared to a standard 2D mobile game, Holomonsters had a lot of work to do to combine the hologram effect and gameplay into a functional package. I think Holomonsters did a good job in the first phase of the game and hopefully we can continue to improve the game soon!

Mekiwi also built the online store in a very elegant way.