Service design and requirements definition of a digital service concept

Maalausteho Oy serves construction companies, housing companies, municipal actors, private individuals as well as organizations, painting all kinds of exterior surfaces in maintenance painting and in new buildings.

We created the service design, UI / UX design and features of the digital service concept, as well as the requirements specification of the technical plan for Maalausteho’s new business idea.

The project started with a workshop with the customer, where the goals of the new service, target groups, users and user needs were set. MeKiwi implemented the service design of the customer paths and designed a preliminary user interface for the new digital service. The completed plan was reviewed with the customer, after which MeKiwi made the desired change and implemented a new interface based on the plan. The interface was created with Sketch software, which can implement a clickable demo version of the interface. Once the functionalities of the digital service were clear, MeKiwi implemented a precise feature definition and technical requirements definition for the service.

The best digital services are created when service design, feature definition and technical design are intertwined into a unified whole, based on the end user.
maalausteho jonne riihimaki

Jonne Riihimäki

CEO, maalausteho Oy

“I was really pleased and things went as I expected. Although I didn’t have a clear idea of where to start, MeKiwi had the tools to take the design process forward.
The questions asked during the design were good and the team and experts on the graphic side as well as the technical requirements specification side were competent and skilled. The development was flexible.
The result of the definition was what was expected and the graphical functional clickable interface plan made with Sketch software was really valid and important in the demo. I immediately got a feel for what the right final interface and software could be.
It’s nice to work with good persons.”