An introductory course and workshop on Augmented Reality (AR)

MeKiwi AR experts Santeri Hautala and Merih Arikkök held a four-day course for the Oulu Reality Browser Training, organized by the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The course introduced students to the uses of augmented reality and the possibilities of the technology, and it was followed by a three-day AR workshop.

The aim of the workshops was to acquaint students with the basics of Zapworks Designer and Zapworks Studio and for the students to create a real AR product through workshops and homework. Every participant made their own prototypes of their business cards for use during the workshops so that the students could add the implementation of the AR product as a reference in their own CV.

86% of students were extremely satisfied with the content of the course, and 14% were very satisfied.

Oulu Reality Browser Training

“It was good to have a cooperative project where I got to work on a business card that I could use for myself. I learned the features of Zapworks Designer and Studio at the right pace and got help when needed. The guidance was very clear and easy to follow.”

“Thank you, it was an interesting course and the teacher was able to help even with theoretical problems”

“Santeri is a very good trainer. Both the slideshows and the exercises went well. I also quickly received personal guidance. Thank you for the good course.”