Our long term partner Yrityskylä

Yrityskylä is a Finnish learning concept which has been recognized as one of the world’s best education innovations. Yrityskylä offers sixth and ninth-graders a positive experience of working life, the economy and society but also encourages entrepreneurship. The Yrityskylä Learning concept reaches 70 000 students and 5000 teachers in Finland every year. To top it all off, Yrityskylä concept is based on curriculum.

Exercise book for sixth-graders

Say hello to four adventurous characters from Yrityskylä 40-page printed exercise book made for sixth-graders. All illustrations used in the book were created by Mekiwi’s talented graphic designer Juho. Various visual elements and contents were folded into a print-ready output. The end result is clear and colorful exercise book that students will love to immerse in. This book for sixth-graders has been praised by Finnish Organization for Multiculturalism and Global Education. According to them, the issues of global education were exceptionally well implemented, and illustrations reflected very well the state of todays society.

Mobile application for ninth-graders

Mobile application for ninth-graders offers gamified digital assignments that makes learning interactive and fun. Application is in use at junior high schools all over Finland.

Teachers’ portal

Teachers’ portal is interactive website where teachers can manage all aspects of their Yrityskylä journey. Portal offers all necessary information about Yrityskylä study modules and teachers can easily follow how their class is improving. Portal has integration with mobile application for ninth-graders and game for sixth-graders.

Microcompany 3D web app

Microcompany is 3D ordering system for Yrityskylä partner companies. Companies can design and order their own physical booths for Yrityskylä learning environment they are participating in.


MeKiwi has been developing multiple learning solutions , mini games and custom made web portals for Yrityskylä from the beginning of 2018. We started with creating a totally new look and feel for Yrityskylä exercise book for sixth-graders. Mobile app for ninth-graders and portal for teachers were also designed and developed by us during 2018. This year we have redeveloped the game for sixth-graders with several new features. We have also created a 3D web app for Yrityskylä partner companies, where they can customize and order a booth, and a whole new virtual reality experience for sixth-graders is under development as we speak.

Sixth-graders’ learning environment

In the Yrityskylä sixth-graders’ learning environment the school children are working in a miniature society for a day. The physical environment is controlled and administrated via a digital game system. MeKiwi has developed this system forward with things like online banking, news platform and a quiz platform.

Controlled Chaos

With the support of Saastamoinen Foundation, children can now play an imaginative VR game in Yrityskylä.  Utilizing the VR technology and players’ own body movement, you’re able to create your own unique multimedia artwork. During the development we paid special attention to the technical skills of the children and the status of Finland as a bilingual country. Because of this,  anyone is able to play the game regardless of their language and background.

Jonna Ranta

Key account manager, MeKiwi Oy

Our collaboration with Yrityskylä started during spring 2018 with the development of an existing educational portal for 6th and 9th graders, and the further development of existing game. Collaboration has been very rewarding for us, as we have been able to develop both digital teaching materials and games as well as physical textbooks based on the strong pedagogical expertise of the Yrityskylä organization. We have also been delighted with our partnership with the Yrityskylä Learning Environment in Northern Ostrobothnia.

The joy of functional learning we have witness in a miniature society is the best feedback educational game developer can get.