New website for the international operating environment

EduTAT Oy, founded by the financial information agency TAT, is an educational export company that offers pedagogical solutions, especially for teaching economic and working life skills. With the help of the new company, Finnish pedagogical know-how will be exported to the world more efficiently and in a more versatile way.

We were able to design a new English-language website from a clean table for the international operating environment. We wanted to create a visually distinctive site that convinces from China to Canada. As a platform, we chose WordPress publishing because of its endless customisation capabilities. The goal was for the new site to match the company’s strong level of expertise in appearance and functionality. The look was created by combining already existing brand elements into a personal form, making the whole modern and credible.

Essi Lehtovaara


We started building the first website for EduTAT. We ended up in Mekiwi through a recommendation. Instead of large offices, we wanted to find a small operator with an agile approach to making websites. We had heard good feedback about MeKiwi in advance.

Cooperation with MeKiwi was flexible and easy. Our contacts were top guys and we got detailed help from them on many issues that bothered us. The best thing about the collaboration was that MeKiwi listened with a sensitive ear to the customer’s own wishes and didn’t hold on to their own views too tightly.

We think the end result is successful. We got what we asked for. We have also received a lot of praise from the outside. The clarity of the site and the courage of the visual look are praised. We can recommend MeKiwi’s services to others as well!