Puutarhaliitto increases well-being

Puutarhaliitto (The Garden Association) is a central horticultural organization whose task is to ensure adequate operating conditions for the domestic horticultural industry and to improve the well-being of its citizens through high-quality horticultural and green production.

After the competition, the nationwide Gardening Association chose MeKiwi as its partner, responsible for the design and implementation of the new website. The project started with the thorough groundwork that summarised the needs of the users and the goals set. We chose WordPress publishing system as the platform for a relatively large entity. On this basis, we set out to create a completely new look for the Garden Association website. As a follow-up to this, new user cards were created as well as PowerPoint templates.


Timo Taulajärvi


“Time was ticking in our old Garden Association website. The content, appearance and functionality needed reform. We wanted clear, functional and fresh pages.

Jonna, a representative of MeKiwi, visited the site to present her services. The presentation was very natural and credible. The price of the offer proved to be competitive, but what was crucial was the clarity of the offer and the promise of content. I was also impressed that Mekiwi has experience in visual expressions, for example in game design.

We found the cooperation to be functional and pleasant throughout the project. The schedule and costs were adhered to as agreed. The deficiencies identified during the finishing phase were also remedied well.

The whole thing works and the end result has been praised. ”