New website, visual look, and reservation system

Terapeuttitalo is a Northern Finnish center specializing in low-threshold psychotherapy and mental health services.

The Therapist’s House needed a room reservation system that would be as easy to use as possible. We eagerly accepted the challenge. We already had previous experience with reservation systems, so step signs were quickly put in place. In the design, we paid special attention to the clarity of the functions to make the user experience as effortless as possible. The end result was a clear and functional online service with space reservation systems. A moment later, Therapist House also wanted to revamp its website and turned to us. We implemented a complete layout reform. The end result was a fresh and clear website that has garnered praise from both customers and partners.

Ritva Huusko


“We set out to find a working room reservation system for our company. The main requirement for the system was ease of use. It had to be so easy to use that all users would learn to manage it easily.

We ended up collaborating with MeKiwi a bit by chance. They contacted us to market another product. However, we had no need for the service provided at that time. I was happy to favour local players and after hearing that the company is from Oulu I was interested to hear if MeKiwi could help deliver the system we needed. This is how we arranged the meeting and the cooperation started comfortably.

We have been very satisfied with the quality of the service and the products we have received. Our website has been praised by other professionals in the field as well as entrepreneurs and customers in our field. I warmly recommend MeKiwi as a partner for companies that need similar services. ”