Complete renovation of the website for interior design company

Matto Nurminen is an interior design company in Oulu that specializes in high-quality products and top-class customer service. In recent years, operations have grown significantly and now cover almost everything from interior design to professional installation. Matto Nurminen wanted to renovate the website to reach and serve the target audience even better online.

Mekiwi accepted the challenge and embarked on a thorough visual as well as technical reform. We wanted to invest especially in the user experience and visibility of the website, which would better correspond to the real quality image of the company. The mobile-optimized website was implemented on the WordPress platform, which enables e.g. effective publishing of localized content and social media updates.

Tapani Niskanen

Matto Nurminen

“During the autumn of 2018, there was a need to renew our company’s website to match our expanded operations. We wanted a local actor as our partner in the project, who would be able to take overall responsibility for the reform and with whom cooperation would be as straightforward and effective as possible. From the very beginning, Mekiwi stood out for its activity and initiative. The website reform progressed as agreed and on schedule. Our new stylish websites now match the quality image of our company and at the same time are a good example for others of Mekiwi’s excellence – Thank you Jonna and Sergei – Great job! ”